July 20, 2010

I walked out of the bar to the dim lit parking lot.  I got in my yellow BMW and put the key in the ignition.  Just then my cell phone beeped.  A new text message was delivered.  I opened the phone and read the message.  “Nice BMW. I like the color, but mine is blue.”  As I read the message a blue BMW drove past me out of the parking lot onto the desolate wooded road.

I was confused and a little disconcerted.  Maybe that was Irena from the bar, but couldn’t remember giving her my phone number.  I put the car into first and pulled out onto the narrow road taking a right.

I must have been spaced out for a long time, but when the first police cruiser whirred past me it was daylight again.  The flashing lights and loud siren caught me off guard.  I drove on until three more cruisers past me at high speed.

It must have been midday by now.  The hot sun hung over the sky above.  I drove on until I passed a police blockade.  There were lines of cop cars on the right side of the road.  The policemen were out of the car pistols drawn squatting behind the open doors.  To the left was an old house.  They let me drive by unhindered.

The whole episode was beginning to put a strain on me.  Then deep within the pit of my stomach a strange compulsion began to grow.  I drove on down the road until I couldn’t take it anymore.  I pulled the car over the right side of the road and got out.  To the left were another row of houses.  The one on my immediate left was on top of a little hill.  I started to walk up to the house.  As I drew closer I noticed the house was dilapidated.  The whole structure was slanting left to right.  The wood paneling looked slashed apart.  I continued up the hill and when I reached the house I looked into the open doorway and saw to giant bloodstains on the wall.  The spattered blood was fresh.  I ran away to the left side of the house.  I wanted to get through around back to the other side but it was blocked.

My body finally succumbed to shock and I awoke in my bed terrified from yet again, another nightmare.

Hank’s Saloon

July 20, 2010

Staring at a blank page was never a problem.  Neither was filling space with sound…


John Walker opened the door to the bar letting in a flood of 3am sunlight.  Tubby at the bar wasn’t pleased.  “Shut the fucking door asswhole.”

John walked in and sat down at the bar as if he didn’t hear a thing.  “Bartendress, a jim beam.”  The women, well she was more like a moose then an elk, slugged over to the bar.  “New in town?  I’ve never seen you in this joint before.”

“I’ll show you a joint.”  John pulled out his cock.  It was rough and hard with a blue vein pulsating top to bottom.

Tubby was not fucking pleased.  He’d spent his whole life trying to pretend he wasn’t gay.  Now all he could do was drop to his knees and stuff the dick deep his fucking mouth.  At that very moment, Tubby glanced over and with the corner of his eye saw a 45. and a shower of bullets.


John Roger pulled up to Hank’s Saloon in the squad car.  He stepped out and passed the police barricade.  Phil Ramone, the deputy chief came rushing over.  “John it doesn’t look good.  My men won’t even go in there.  Its too ugly.  35 years on the force.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I mean its bad.”

John walked towards the saloon.  By now the sun was setting in the east L.A. neighborhood.  John slid the door open and walked in, sunlight vanishing as the door slammed shut behind.  John looked around and tried to adjust his sight, but in the bar he couldn’t see anything.  He did feel the dankness.  He felt for his belt and grabbed at his flashlight.

He felt a rat skid by his feet.  John bit his lip and took a quick step backward, his back bumping against the blinds.  He took a deep breath and took the flashlight from his belt.  He felt the rat again.  But it was too small to be a rat.  He aimed the flashlight on the ground and saw a little cockroach skid out of view.  John slid the flashlight over and saw a body lying in a pool of blood.  The man had some food on the side of his face.

John saw something move on the far wall.  He pointed the flashlight over.  The wall was covered from top to bottom in dripping blood.  John turned, but so much blood was coming off the wall that the floor was filling with blood.  John walked away from the body towards the center of the floor.  The blood crept towards him but stopped just short, forming a circle around his feet.

John noticed his heart skip a beat when a drop of blood broke into the center.  It began to change shape as it approached.  The blood turned into a cockroach and began to climb up John’s leg.  He flicked the bug off his pants.  Just then another drop rolled toward his shoe turning into cockroach.  John picked up his foot and crushed down upon the bug.

The bar door opened.  In a flash, the blood on the walls and on the floor turned to cockroaches as a giant cloud of red flew out the bar door.

Phil walked in and noticed John sweating.  “What did I tell you.”

John pulled notebook from his back pocket.  “It’s time to get to work.”

Death from Beyong

July 20, 2010

I looked into its giant eye.  The gleaming sun bouncing forth from the demented iris blinded my vision temporarily paralyzing my cognitive agents.  It was then, I knew my time had come.  I stepped back forgetting my position on the cliff.  I fell 10’000 feet before hitting the water and plummeting into its salty depths.

I awoke on the deserted beach to find a vulture pecking at my toes.  The evil creature was quite perturbed to hear me grown.  In the short time we spent together he had acquired a fine taste in human flesh, a true delicacy on the Island.   I grabbed a fist full of sand and through it at the Vulture.  He drew back.  After several moments he timidly began to approach so I cupped another handful and threw it in his direction.  He finally turned to leave.  It was then I felt the pain shoot up through my limbs.  I unclenched my muscles and could feel the sweat beads on my forehead.

I looked up at the sky.  At least I hope appreciate a beautiful sunset.  It was short lived.  The sand began to fill up around me.  When I grabbed the sand I had awaken the ghastly quick sand.  In a matter of minutes I was dead swallowed by a pit of sand.

Pablo in the Hole

February 23, 2009

Pablo crawled into the fox hole shutting the door to the outside world. He struck a match and the darkness disintegrated. Straight ahead a pair of golden chimes softly rang. Pablo could barely hear the music above his own heart beat. He lay down to breath as the dense air consumed him.

A faint scratching noise in the distance grew louder. Pablo’s match wore down to blackness. A solitary voice emerged from the golden chime. “Pablo, I’m glad you could finally make it. There is plenty to see and not much time.”

Time… Pablo had never heard the word before. He lifted his body onto his knees and began to speak, but a gust of wind drowned out his quiet whisper. “In this moment, you, shall follow.”

Pablo could hear the voice moving away, through the tiny hole. He turned to follow, but tiny pieces of dirt began to flake and fall from the ceiling. Soon the floor began to crack beneath his bare legs. The tunnel was shaking and he could barely keep his balance. The shaking culminated with the entire structure exploding in all directions.

Pablo was left floating in the center of radiant blue and purple haze. The voice was silent. Pablo alone, closed his eyes. A single tear drop ran the length of his soft cheek. Inside the droplet of water a whole universe was born. As it slid from his face it expanded and blasted outward. Pablo’s matter scattered in every direction through the entire world. Silence was all that remained.


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